2015 Golf Tournament Sponsors
3/4/15: Tryout Schedule
Tryouts officially begin on Monday for all high school age players.  Tryouts begin on 3/16 for all middle school age players.  Please visit the BP Google Calendar for a complete tryout schedule by clicking HERE.  We will be running an open gym workout on Thursday at 6:00, and again on Sunday at 11:30 for any players looking to get a tune up in before tryouts begin.  See you there!
2/11/15: BP Alumni Report
The BP baseball program has its highest number of players playing in college or the pros since Coach Simonds and Coach Chizek took over the program in 2009.  9 boys have moved on to either coach or play at the college level, while 2 players have reached the professional level.  Please click HERE to read about those former Patriots!
1/29/15: Glenn Aery Volleyball
The BP Booster club has been a big supporter of BP baseball in the past few years.  They are running the Glenn Aery Volleyball tournament as a fund raiser for the second year this spring.  If interested in playing, please contact Lisa Zarecki at zareckil@bpcsd.org, or email me with any questions.  Thanks for your support!
1/22/15: BP Baseball Lifting Program
Get stronger!!!  Coach Higgins will be running a lifting program for any and all BP baseball players at the BPHS fitness center.  The program will run every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM.  In a few weeks we will be adding a 3rd day to the program.  Everyone can benefit from this!  See you there.
1/22/15: Sage Armory
We have reserved the Sage College Armory for 2 preseason workouts.  The first will be on 2/8, and the second will be on 2/28.  Both workouts will be from 2:00-4:00, and will cost 10 dollars per player.  We will be carpooling down to New Scotland Avenue.  Players needing rides should meet at BPHS at 1:00.  All players must pay coach Simonds 10 dollars in advance in order to attend.  This will cover the cost of renting the Armory.  Click HERE for the full open gym schedule.

The Armory is large enough to accommodate a full infield workout, some outfield drills, long toss, cutoffs, and many other drills, and will therefore be very helpful for our prep for the season!  Special thanks to John Zajaceskowski for making this a possibility.
1/9/15: Myrtle Beach Payment Schedule
The final payment for Myrtle Beach is due on February 15th.  All players attending the trip must be paid in full by that date. 

December 1st
January 5th
February 15th
11/7/14: Google Calendar
The baseball schedule for the 2015 season will be on the schedule page, but will also be updated daily on a Google Calendar.  The link for the 2015 calendar can be found HERE.  If you click on the Google logo on the lower right corner of the page, you can subscribe to the calendar.  This will load the schedule directly to your phone's calendar.  Once loaded, all changes I make will sync with your phone automatically.  The calendar is not complete yet, but most of the games for JV and varsity are on it now.
11/3/14: Theo Higgins Memorial Golf Tournament
The 5th annual Theo Higgins Memorial Golf Tournament has been set this year for May 16th, at noon, at Fox Run Golf Club in Johnstown, NY.  Players are welcome to begin seeking out sponsorships for holes on the course.  For players traveling to Myrtle Beach this season, 100% of the funds from the sponsor will go toward that player's trip.  For players not traveling this season, 20% of the funds will be earmarked for that player.  Click HERE to download the official Sponsor Request Letter.







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